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Mo's Place Radio, where it all began...

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

From Sandy Beach Family Campground in Contoocook, NH to Mo's Place in our backyard, here is how it all started. Our family were regular campers at Sandy Beach for many years, often my family would stay at the campground, and I would go off and DJ an event. One particular day I was getting ready to DJ a wedding, and I get a phone call from Bonnie telling me about this awesome dog! I said "no hun we don't need a dog", guess what? We got a dog. Little did I know during that phone call a majority of our camp friends were already going down to a camp site to get Mo aka Mohamed Laser.

I came home to meet Mo, and instantly bonded with him. Mo was part Black Lab and Whippet, he was a great dog and fit right in with our family. As time moved on we had a bar on our trailer, and Mo used to lay there. It became known as Mo's Place.

Unfortunately Mo's time with us was rather short and he passed from Cancer. After we stopped camping we took all of our treasures home and we built what is known today as Mo's Place! His memory lives on everyday! We even had WZLX's Carlson & McKenzie do a morning broadcast from Mo's Place!

I'm sure you are wondering where Mo's Place Radio came in? Well as you read earlier Mo's name was really Mohamed Laser, his previous owner was a DJ for a morning show in Connecticut and Mo was the morning side kick! True story!!!

There are many stories of Mo and Mo's Place, and we have celebrated with many friends in his memory.

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